Southern Miss Tunes and Ringtones


Southern Miss To The Top - Midi For Ringtone

All of the following songs have been converted to MP3

The USM 45s

  • Eagle Fever  - By Jeff Goodson And Murray Kullem. Thank you to Edd Jussely


Ode To The Eagles - The USM Album

A Nashville Musical Tribute to Southern Miss (1981)

Side 1

Ode To The Eagles

The Eagle's Comin' Through

My Eagle Cheerleader

Eagle's, Man You Move The Ball

Ask Mississippi State

Side 2

Ode To Coach Collins

Eagle Fever

Coach Collins, Squeeze The Charmin

Ref, I Didn't Do It

Six More Points


The Pride Album

01 Fight Song

02 Are You From Dixie

03 Top Fanfare

04 Battle Hymn

05 USM Cheer

06 Go Eagles

07 Southern Miss

08 Eat 'Em Up

09 Back In Black

10 Led Zepplin

11 Fly Like An Eagle

12 Dies Irae

13 Sing, Sing, Sing

14 Luck Be A Lady

15 Pride Jam_Level 4_Bridgemen

16 Blues Brothers

17 Drum Cadence 1

18 Drum Cadence 2

19 Drum Cadence 3

20 Purlie

21 Alma Mater

22 Amazing Grace

23 Fight Song

24 Rejoice_Southern